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Among the highest reported benefits of hooping is increased confidence. Your lessons will be full of empowerment and encouragement at every phase of learning and your teacher will be cheering you on as you conquer new tricks and skills. Plus, the physical changes you'll notice by the end of the course will have you feeling ready to break out that cute outfit that's been hiding in the back of your closet!


Hooping on your waist works 30 core muscles simultaneously! Your thighs, glutes, abs, and lower back will be working together as you are rocking out with your hoop. Even your leg, arm, and shoulder muscles will thank you as you take your hoop off-waist, learning more fun hooping tricks.  If you've struggled to enjoy working out in the past, hooping will bust your workout woes and send you on a fitness loving journey. 


Hooping is a serious aerobic workout! You will see improvements in your breathing capacity as well as physical stamina. Plus, you'll burn up to 100 calories in just 10 minutes of hooping! Improving your aerobic capacities builds a stronger heart and burning calories leads to weight loss, making hooping an excellent source of fun exercise! 


Moving your body causes it to release mood lifting neuro-chemicals such as serotonin, dopamine and norepinephrine. Because hooping is fun, you'll be excited to show up for each lesson and get away from the stresses of daily life. Plus, these mood enhancing benefits will guarantee you leave in better spirits than when you came in, helping you conquer whatever may come your way!


Hooping uses both sides of your brain and your body, improving your physical coordination and creating a mind-body balance. Improving your core strength will also lead to improved posture. Just one short hooping session can relieve hours of stress on your spine and neck created by sitting at your desk all day. 


Socialization is clinically proven to improve mental & physical health. Finding friends who are excited for you and ready to empower you is a true treasure that can be found just by picking up a hula hoop! Don't be isolated this winter. Get the gang together for a fun hoop party or meet some of the other hoop students currently taking lessons. 


Hooping is a great form of expression! As you dance your way to fitness, you'll be opening new pathways for creativity and free-flow expression. You will discover your own unique style as you progress, with your hoop providing the perfect dance partner every step of the way!


Your teacher will provide easy to understand, step by step instructions as she breaks down each move for you. She encourages each student to move at their own level of fitness and physical ability, offering modifications from lowest to highest impact for each move. Her group classes and private lessons are full of fun, encouragement, and lost of detailed instruction so you can feel like a hoop master in no time! 

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Inner child work can help you heal childhood memories, traumas, or deeply held unconscious belief systems you took on at a young age. Hooping helps you access that childlike state of play, unlocking a pathway for healing a number of childhood wounds that may appear as anxiety, depression, low self-esteem in your adult life.

There are so many reasons to start Hoop Lessons!

Whether you are starting for the many fitness benefits

or you are wanting to try something new that's just for you,

your lesson time just may end up being

your favorite part of the week! 

Lessons are either 30-minutes or 1-hour weekly. 

Your reserved lesson time can be enjoyed alone so you 

can enjoy all the one-on-one fun.

Or sign up with your bestie and split the cost.

Either way, we'll have you spinning &

having fun in no time! 


             $115/month    30 minute lesson once per week

             $215/month   1 hour lesson once per week

Contact Us Below To Learn More

& Inquire About Availability.

Private Hoop Lessons

Stay tuned for upcoming

Hoop Flow Gatherings and Specialty Workshops!

Don't want to wait?

Consider hosting your own Hoop Hangout.

 You invite your friends, I'll bring the Hoops and the fun! Hangouts can be booked at your own location

or on our Studio Property, just 15 min North of Clarksville.



Who should try hooping?

Moms looking to get their body back after baby, Women wanting to get back in touch with their "inner-goddess", Anyone looking for a fun form of fitness, Anyone wanting to lose weight or inches, Anyone looking for an outlet for self-expression, Anyone who needs to relieve daily stress, Anyone working on inner child healing, Anyone who needs to be surrounded by positivity, fun & friends. 


Do I have to have any prior experience hula hooping?

No! Everything you need to know will be taught to you

in class. All skills will be learned progressively throughout your lessons, broken down for you each step of the way. 

Will I need to bring my own hoop?

No. Professional beginners hoops will be provided for in-class use. Please note that children's hoops you can find at most stores or weighted fitness hoops you can find online are not suitable for hoop fitness & dance, as they are too heavy or too small. If you wish to purchase a hoop for at home fitness/dance, please discuss with your teacher so she can give you advice on purchasing the perfect hoop for your body shape/height and fitness desires. 

What if I start lessons and decide to quit?

No fear! There are no requirements to sign long-term contracts. 

My only requirement is a full 30 days notice

should you decide to stop taking lessons. 

Are Hoop Lessons/Classes appropriate for someone with chronic pain?

While you should always consult with a physician before starting any fitness routine, many hoopers with chronic illness and pain report that hooping helps alleviate their symptoms. Each move will be broken down as to how to perform it depending on your fitness level. If you are looking for a low-impact workout, hooping just must be a great fit for you. Please discuss your needs with your teacher upon enrollment so she can help you customize the moves each step of the way.


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