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Hoops & High Notes Studio offers piano lessons (ages 5 to adults)

and prides itself in offering a unique and fun experience for brand new beginners and intermediate students. 

For children, lessons will be a mixture of piano playing time and musical games. Because there is a strong link between fun and learning, each student will get to experience a new learning game at each lesson that will help enforce concepts they are learning in their books. It helps improve focus and retention as they are learning to play skillfully.


In addition to lessons, there are 2 Master Classes per year where all the students come together for 90 minutes of group learning. The kids love this time of learning alongside their peers, as well as the 2 "recitals" each year where students get to play in front of an audience and show off their new abilities! Our recitals are unique, fun, and never stuffy. 

Teens and adults will experience a fun approach to learning the songs they've always wanted to be able to play in their piano lessons. Students will get to learn music from a their own list of "Song Favorites" alongside the songs they are working on in their books. Working on a favorite song is a great motivator for a new pianist as they are learning the basics! 

If you are looking for a studio that offers ample patience, encouragement and

an environment full of fun learning, Hoops & High Notes is the place for you!

Contact us today to inquire about current availability. 


Piano Chords, Voice Training, Songwriting Skills, & Studio Experience all in ONE! 

Songwriting lessons are available for ages 12-adults. No experience required! 

I will teach you how to play piano chords so you can start writing songs without ever having to read music. I'll teach you the basics of singing so that your true voice can be strong and healthy. The one pre-requisite is that you already have a good ear and can sing on pitch. You don't have to be the next American Idol in terms of voice ability, but a good ear is a must to be a songwriter!

I'll teach you how to find inspiration no matter what, how to turn that inspiration into catchy lyrics and melodies, & how to add chords via the piano. At the completion of each new song you write, I'll train your voice to be ready to create a studio-quality recording so you'll have a demo of every single song. There's so much value packed into these lessons! Message me today to snag your spot as the next songwriter in my studio. 


Piano & Songwriting Lessons

are currently offered

Daytime or Evening on

Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Thursdays. 

Locations in Clarksville, TN 

Pembroke, KY


1 Student-$115/Month

2 Students-$215/Month ($15 discount)

3 Students-$315/Month ($30 discount)


Any new students that begin lessons in

February or March 2023

will receive HALF OFF their 1st month!


1 Student-$130/month

*sibling discounts can be applied to piano and songwriting lessons. Please ask for more information

Each students receives a

30 minute lesson once per week,

or a 1-hour lesson twice per month, for a total of 42 lessons each calendar year.


Lessons are in-session year-round, 

with time off on the big school breaks

(Fall, Christmas, and Spring break)

and a flex-schedule during June & July

that allows Summer vacations 

and continued learning to co-exist.

In addition to the 4 lessons,

there are 2 optional 1.5 Hour

Master Classes each year at no additional charge, and 2 performing 





Practicing piano boosts the brain's cognitive abilities, leading to improved memory, focus, perseverance and creativity. Studies show that children who took piano for a few years could remember 20 percent more vocabulary words than those who did not have lessons. Further, playing piano activates the parts of the brain that are used for science, math and engineering and creates neural pathways that will stay with you the rest of your life! 



Playing piano is proven to be a great source of stress relief, leading to improvements in the relief of anxiety, loneliness and depression. 

Lessons and Master Classes also provide numerous opportunities to bolster self-esteem and confidence. The positivity and support in the Hoops & High Notes Studio gives students a safe place to learn and master new skills and to perform in front of their peers. 



In younger students, piano practice is proven to improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. In adults, piano study is shown to increase Human Growth Hormone, leading to the slowing down the aging process.


Other benefits include a reduction in heart and respiratory rates, lower blood pressure, relief of anxiety, and help with ADHD. 



Taking lessons provides a fun hobby you can use as an outlet for fun. Whether you have 5 minutes or hours, rainy weather or sunny weather, you've got a go-to source of fun and entertainment! 

Master Classes also provide a fun source of entertainment and socialization as students come together for 1.5 hours of musical learning games with their peers. 



Playing piano and singing can give us access to pieces of our inner selves that have gone unexpressedpotentially allowing us to explore the parts of ourselves that need healing. Many students report Voice Lessons to be especially potent in healing because using our voices are so powerfully connected to our emotions and how we express ourselves (or don't) in daily life. Pianists often report the benefits of having a way to express emotions without having to formulate words for what they are feeling. Where words fail, music speaks, as they say. 


To inquire about lesson availability, please contact us below. 

Thanks! Message sent.

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