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Hoops & High Notes Studio 

is full of passion for teaching and using the arts

as a meeting point to help others cultivate

more joy and healing in their lives.

The owners love for music from an early age led her to

performing as a singer/pianist all over the world.

However, she discovered that her light shined

brightest when teaching and providing a space for growth.


With a degree in Vocal & Piano Pedagogy,

she has maintained a successful music studio as a

Vocal & Piano Coach for over 20 years,

teaching up to 40 students weekly.


She is also a certified Hoop Love Coach,

offering private Hula Hoop Dance lessons and workshops. 

Her approach to teaching is to make learning fun.

Adults and children soak up more knowledge and skills

when they access joy, and Hoops & High Notes

knows how to facilitate that necessary ingredient.


She also knows that music and movement

can be access points for deep healing. Her hope is that

each and every student not only learn new skills and

deepen their talents, but that they also find a source

of comfort and joy they can take with

them throughout their lives.

Wanting to provide the most positive first music

or movement experience, her specialty is creating

a safe and fun space for total beginners to

intermediate students, age 5 to 95!





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Private or Group

Hoop Dance



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Songwriting or Piano Lessons


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Healing Workshops

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